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From deep dive immersive sessions to short & concise topic specific sessions, to panels, we've got it all!

Education has never been so exciting!


TERRATalks Revamp

TERRATalk Sessions

  • Clear and concise presentations

  • Focused on one topic

  • Duration of 10 to 25 minutes 


TERRATalks Revamp

Interactive Sessions & Deep Dives

  • Learner focused sessions

  • Interactive Tools

  • Duration of 45 minutes 


TERRATalks Revamp

Panel Sessions

  • Topic-specific experts

  • Authentic conversations

  • Addressing common questions from participants

Join us for an exclusive one-day essential oil symposium that promises to transform your understanding and confidence in essential oils. Led by experts and professionals in the field, our symposium offers unparalleled education in essential oils that you simply can't find elsewhere. 

Learn more at
The Essential Oil Symposium

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